Travel Advice for Adverse Weather Conditions

Click for AA tips for driving on snow and iceClick for Green Flag tips on winter drivingClick for RAC tips on driving in heavy rain & floodsClick the logos on the left to see what the professionals advise. When Wiltshire roads are affected by snow, motorists are advised to drive very carefully. Wiltshire Council will have been salting, and will continue to do so. But please never assume a road is salted. Click photo for map of Wiltshire snow clearance routes. For the latest news on specific roads please visit the websites of the Highways Agency and Wiltshire Council.  Motorists will remember that last winter after persistant heavy rain the ground became saturated, and further rain and melting snow could leave many roads difficult to pass, or closed completely. Any such road closures in place are there for a reason, and drivers are asked to observe them. A list of road closures can be found by visiting Wiltshire Council's Emergency Notices page.  If Grit Bins need to be refilled the following address should be used:


Parish Emergency Plan

In response to a Government initiative on Community Resilience, directed at Town and Parish councils, with regard to planning for Emergency situations in villages, members of the Representations, Projects and Community Focus sub-committee of Redlynch Parish Council have produced an Emergency Plan for the Parish.  Click here to view / download / save it.